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Idyllwild Self-Hypnosis and Emotional
Freedom Technique EFT Tapping Community

1st Class Starts on Thursday May 16th
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Teacher: Margaret ( Meg) Register CHt EFT Adv

Attendance Available in Person and online via ZOOM

Contact Meg for more info:

The group is open to beginners and all levels of experience with Hypnosis and EFT Tapping

Now you can experience how to use Self-Hypnosis and EFT Tapping in a safe and easy way. Self-Hypnosis and Tapping can be used at any time to increase confidence, reduce stress, sleep better, lose weight, quit bad habits, get rid of fears like snakes, driving down the hill, taking exams and stage fright. It helps you create a more focused and rewarding life.

This class will show you how to use the 3 basic steps of Self Hypnosis and EFT Tapping to help you access the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your personal and professional goals!

This class will teach you what Self-Hypnosis and EFT Tapping is, and how it can benefit you. I will be providing examples of successes, and demonstrations. Sign up today. Space is limited.